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From the previous post one can see that finding affordable accommodations in South Florida or the Keys is a chore.  Once we finally bit the bullet on finding anything reasonable in the Lauderdale area, we started looking for a place further north.  Once out of Florida opportunities were to be had. 

Early on we found where we would eventually end up but hesitated to book it because we’d hoped to find something closer to Ft. Lauderdale.  Once Lauderdale played out to its bitter end we jumped on what the owners call simply The PropertyPlease check it out.  I won’t go into much detail on this place because the VRBO link does a much better job.  But what I will say is that we have been here since mid-January and just love it.  By the time we leave we will have been guests here for roughly two and a half months.  It’s been a delight.  In fact, we wish we’d gotten this place way back in December.

The property is owned by Bob and Eleanor Rawls.  One would be hard pressed to find a more congenial couple…they just define good folks.  The place has everything Chuck and I wanted.  It’s quiet and secluded yet is just a few miles from Brunswick, Georgia should something in the immediate area not have what we need.  Aside from all of the things listed from the above link, we particularly like the huge private lake and fishing (no fishing license required), wooded hiking trails, and the ability to just sit outside on the patio and barbeque in peace and quiet.  The Property has everything one might want in a home-away-from-home accommodation, bar none.  The only thing we furnish is our food.

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t speak or hear from either Eleanor or Bob, or both.  They both live on the property in their beautiful home a hundred yards or so away from the cabin.  Eleanor, now retired, was a lifelong dance instructor, while Bob initially worked as crew on a tugboat, before ending up as a building contractor along the way.  Both are extraordinarily interesting to talk with in a real and comfortable sort of way.  We are in love with them both.

I urge all of my friends and readers to consider staying here if the need arises for a place near the coast and Brunswick (Brunswick Landing Marina), during a hurricane, or just a weekend getaway to unwind.  I would recommend you do not book through VRBO.  Instead, call Eleanor at 912-617-7915 to make a reservation.  I assure you all these people will work with you any way they can so that your stay will be as enjoyable as can be.

Unfortunately, it appears that after more than two months of this luxury, our stay here will end on April 1st.   The boat is nearing the completion of its repairs.  In fact, early this morning Chuck headed out to Ft. Lauderdale to inspect the work and see what is left to be done…he will return later this evening, a very long drive and day, indeed.  We were told that the work would be completed by this Friday, March 9th…but they requested another week to March 16th…just in case.  Unbeknownst to the contractors, they actually have to April 1st.  But by first of April it must be 100% done, complete, totally, caput, absolutely nothing left…Chuck will find out today.  I’m looking forward to his report.


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