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Once again an early start as we left Elkins and moved east to Annapolis, Maryland.  Joe Deneault’s advice and assurance on the road conditions were right on the money and we had no problem getting over the mountains.  Eventually we left West Virginia behind and entered the foothills that are just west of Washington D.C.

Neither Chuck nor I had ever been to D.C.  Unfortunately, because of both time and the weather we were not going to be able to spend any time there.  Nonetheless, as we drove around it on the beltway it was somewhat awesome as different exits pointed out the general direction of some of our nation’s more famous landmarks.  But, unable to stop, we simply drove past them and, again, by mid-afternoon were checked into an extended stay hotel in Annapolis, Maryland.

And, once again, the weather turned to hell.  First cold, then snowy, and then colder.

We spent a full week in Annapolis but little of it was spent actually seeing the place.  It was just too damn cold to sight see.  We cooked breakfast in our room and watched TV for most of it.  We did find a great place to eat called Boatyard Bar and Grill rated #2 on Trip Advisor.  The food was wonderful and almost every day we had dinner at the place, if not a bit pricy.  I had to have their crabcakes (at $38) and did…a couple of times.  They lived up to the hype, believe me.

One could tell that Annapolis would be a cool place to hang out in the spring, summer, and fall.  But the bitter winter weather and our lack of clothes to accommodate it pretty much put a damper on our visit.  As well, it had more than a touristy feel about it.  One day, when the weather finally subsided to a mild arctic blast, we did get out and see the town though.  The harbor was frozen and even with the very slight (read that as moderate frost bite) warm up, it was miserable.

Also, at about this time, we recognized we were going to have to go back south.  It was over a month since we’d left Lauderdale and though we’d been kept abreast on the boat repair via telephone, emails, and photographs, it was becoming apparent that there were certain decision regarding the repair and refit that we could not make unless we actually set sight on our yacht first.  The time had come to slowly mosey our way back to Lauderdale.

After a week in Annapolis we shoved off south headed slowly back to South Florida.


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