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I certainly don’t scour the internet for sailing and cruising blogs but there are a couple that I follow…three, in fact.  Of the three, one of them has solicited donations via PayPal from the start, or at least since I’ve been reading it.  The other two wrote blog posts several years ago specifically stating their disdain for such blogs, seemingly appalled that someone would have the nerve to ask their readers to support their cruising…posts much longer but very similar to this very one here.  A few months ago, I happened to notice that both of those blogs now have PayPal or some other form of internet payment means (often more than one) and actively solicit donations. 

“Please support our efforts and the ability to continue posting content of our cruising lifestyle on the internet.  It takes a lot of time, money, and equipment to make these posts.  In order for us to continue we need your financial support, no matter how little or much you’d like to contribute so that we can buy new equipment and continue bringing you the quality videos and blog post you’ve come to enjoy.  Since you’ve been contributing to our cruising kitty we managed to buy a couple more cameras, underwater housings, mounts, lights, batteries, microphones, a new laptop and video editing software.”

…or something to that effect.  Sounds a bit like an evangelical preacher begging for money when they already live in a ten million dollar home to me.

Needless to say, we don’t contribute. Our idea of charity doesn’t include helping others support their travels, or lifestyle, if that dreaded word is more to your liking.

And, though it is a bit time consuming to put together a decent blog post, and even more if one wants to produce a video, my site here on WordPress doesn’t cost one red cent and no special equipment is necessary.  I use either our Nikon DSLR or my iPhone for the photos.

I fully realize that some are not as fortunate as perhaps we are.  I also understand and respect anyone that has the drive to make a buck.  But, it seems more than a bit pompous and presumptuous for all of these people to assume that their blogs and vblogs warrant anyone paying for it, or that their particular content is really any different than anyone else’s.  Believe me, or check for yourself, there are hundreds and hundreds of sailing and cruising blogs out there just like the three I follow…posting essentially the same content, the same photos and same videos, often shot from the same vantage point.  Truthfully, though we shoot a lot of photos, that is one of the reasons my blog posts don’t have more photos…everyone would have already seen them.

I’m not trying to be a horse’s patoot here.  If one wants to contribute to a blog they follow or like, for whatever reason, then by all means do so.  But, for us, we’re not interested in helping buy new camera gear, computers, etc for a cruiser because in their eyes they are the next up and coming Cecil B. Demille offering up a veiled threat that if people don’t give them money they will stop posting.  In fact, in my opinion I don’t think they will quit posting…I think they would post whether people donate to them or not.  And, if they do quit blogging, there’s literally a hundred more to take their place.

A blogger knows exactly how many people read their blog, and all manner of other information concerning the hits they get to their site.  In our case, we don’t get all that many hits on our blog and that’s fine with us.  We don’t write our blog to generate click bait in order get a few bucks at the end of the month from advertisers.  And, you certainly will not see any internet links to online payment sites here…ever.  Our blog is personal…actually I have to curb myself from making it too personal.  In short, our blog is for us to one day look back and reminisce about our trip, not to particularly entertain the masses while having them help pay for our more than extended vacation.  If others enjoy it that’s fine but if they don’t, that’s fine as well.



  1. Great post. Thank you for the time to update. Yum on the lobsters… Wow

    • You are most welcome

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