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The week before Christmas we left the boat in Biloxi, Mississippi to come back to Clear Lake for the Christmas Holidays. The morning we left there was no fond farewell emotions, we were leaving for a couple of weeks and would return after the New Year…no big deal. However, within just a few days of being home we missed being on the boat. There are all manner of things that make living on a boat a good thing. All total, we’ve only lived on ours for a little under three months, nonetheless, we can’t wait to get back to it.

For grins, using OpenCPN (aside from our Chartplotters and multiple GPSs (we both have OpenCPN on our personal laptops) I calculated how many miles we’ve sailed Freedom since we bought her…2263nm…the longest continuous offshore passage was 408nm from Tampa to Fourchon. It was roughly 400nm from Houston to Biloxi, where our boat sits as I type…633 nautical miles since we left Seabrook. In the big scheme of things these miles and passages are beginner stuff or, as Chuck and I agreed a few nights ago, “Our boat sitting in a slip in Biloxi is not cruising.”

Then again, it was never in the plans to be here longer than a few weeks anyhow. So, week before last we headed back to the boat.

Patience with bad weather for the past two weeks here may have paid off. Tomorrow at first light we head east to Panama City, Florida. If our weather sites are correct it should be near perfect conditions. We’ll see.


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