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Captain Husband and I are sitting on the boat watching the Lions and Eagles play on TV. Shortly, we will head off to one of the casinos here in Biloxi, Mississippi to have Thanksgiving Day dinner at their buffet.

Since our last post, things have moved right along with the boat repairs. We drove the 100 miles over to Pensacola, Florida to drop off our sail for repair; it will be ready early next week. We have a new bow thruster motor coming from Kemah this coming Monday, along with our mechanic friend, Chris Earles, to install it and help with some other miscellaneous repairs. We’ve several orders in the works with the local West Marine store. And, we’ve had our bimini and dodger canvas repaired at a local canvas shop.

Our friend, Geoff Knowers, left us this past Monday to fly back home for the holidays. He and his wonderful meals will be sorely missed…not to mention his great sense of humor.

We are in no hurry and it’s a good thing. The weather is forecast to be bad offshore for the foreseeable future, as is often the case this time of the year as one cold front after the other dives south. In the interim, we pretty much made the decision to stay here at least through the end of December, making the eight hour or so drive back to League City to spend it with family the week of Christmas.

This past week, we both had to go to the optometrist for new glasses. We each had two pair of glasses with us…but all of them have broken. They are due in next Wednesday. My prescription didn’t change month I was told. Chuck’s, however, reportedly changed quite a bit. We are both looking forward to the new glasses.

Had a great time reminiscing about the Sanders’ family with my cousins on Facebook last night and today.


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