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The always magnificent Golden Gate Bridge…from the Sausalito side.

I never knew my father-in-law, he passed away before I met my husband. But, my mother-in-law and I had an incredible friendship. In the mid 1970s, my husband’s mom and dad retired in a place called The Valley of the Moon.

Located just outside of Santa Rosa, California in the heart of the Sonoma/Napa wine country, I doubt there are many areas as beautiful. Santa Rosa, as well as the Sonoma/Napa wine area, is surprisingly close to San Francisco and the entire Bay Area. Because of the close ties my husband’s parents had to the Bay Area it was their wish to have their cremains spread over the bay after they both passed. With my mother-in-law’s death late last Fall the time had come to honor their funeral wishes.


The iconic Trans America Tower…as seen from Coit Tower/Telegraph Hill.

As it turned out, we had the cremains of both parents, Walter and Elsie here in Texas. So, the issue was coordinating with the rather small family in getting everyone together at the bay (including Walt and Elsie) and spreading their remains over the bay. It was a bit of an effort but not all that bad. It happens there are companies who do exactly what we wanted. We wondered what the airlines would require for us hand carrying the cremains on the plane – all they needed was for the cremains to be out of the urn so they could be scanned – no big deal.


I’ve forgotten the name of this building…one of the many beautiful buildings in San Francisco proper.

With a date set, we headed out to San Francisco.
The ceremony was to be only the immediate family only. For us, that was me, my husband, my step daughter, sister-in-law, my niece and her husband and two children. We were both looking forward to spending time with my step daughter, Sarah. The schedule was to fly out on a Sunday morning, do the ceremony on Monday, sight-see on Tuesday, and then return on an early Wednesday morning flight.


Alcatraz as seen from the Golden Gate Bridge overlook on the Sausalito side.  I managed to stay out of that place.  We were going to tour it but tours of the park were booked up for a couple of months.


We were only a couple of blocks from Haight Ashbury here…didn’t take the time to make that pilgrimage.  Is worth clicking on this pix just to look at all the old posters.


Chinatown…good for some of us, not so good for others. LOL


Sea lions in Sausalito…on the floating docks.


Was a great day for sailing of San Francisco Bay.



Dsc_0242 Dsc_0241 DSC_0240 Dsc_0234


It was pretty amazing all of the derilict boats in the Sausalito anchorage.


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  1. Hello we are a young family in southern Ca., with the profurl behind the mast furler just like the one you recently removed from your boat. Do you still have it or has it already sold? We need a new halyard swivel. Will you please email us, we have some questions about your refit. We love reading your blog because we recently bought a 30yr old Kelly Peterson 46 that will be going though much of the same upgrades as your boat is getting.
    Thank you,
    Cole Walters

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