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Back in June, when the decision to repower our yacht was made, we knew it would be a grind. We knew it would be a big time hassle. We really didn’t have any idea just how much of a PITA it would really be, however. Since the first of June we’ve devoted much, if not most, of our free time attempting to contract with local vendors to replace our engine and generator with brand new systems. As we are in the Clear Lake area of Texas, reputed to be the third largest concentration of recreational boating in the US, one would think this would be an easy proposition. But, that, would be wishful thinking.

The problem revolves around the power plant. After much thought we decided to replace our twenty eight year old 85 hp Perkins diesel with a brand new 110 hp Yanmar, the T52 is generally thought to be slightly under powered with the Perkins 85. And, the problem with that is that the mechanical combustion Yanmar 110 no longer meets the environmental regs and has been replaced with a common rail electronic combustion system version. And, the problem with that is, well…not so easily defined.

After consulting vendors and internet sites for what seems like forever, we still can’t seem to get a straight answer on why the Yanmar 110 is such a scarce commodity. Yanmar claims and says to anyone who listens that they have a 110 hp engine, but getting a straight answer as to why one must wait “at least six months” to get one seems impossible. So difficult, in fact, that we’ve decided to put the engine repower off until later.

The engine being essentially impossible at this time to acquire…and no other similar engine available (Volvo no longer makes a 110), that left the gen set.

I’m happy to report that we’ve contracted with a local company here to install a new Phasor 7 kw genset  on our boat, replacing the Kohler 8 kw genset we now have on board. They are to start next week on removing the old Kohler and installing/connecting the new Phasor system. We also carry a Honda 2000 portable genset aboard just in case things go really South. But, needless to say, it will be more than a little comforting to have a new gen set on board.

And, all of the above brings us back around to what our plans are. In reality, they’ve barely changed at all. At the end of October, once hurricane season has abated, we plan to leave Seabrook for points south, probably Key West. And, from there, set out for the Bahamas and on down into the Caribbean. Along the way, hopefully Yanmar will get its crap together and, at the first opportunity, we’ll repower our boat.

We are both excited about getting off the dock…


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