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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Back in June, when the decision to repower our yacht was made, we knew it would be a grind. We knew it would be a big time hassle. We really didn’t have any idea just how much of a PITA it would really be, however. Since the first of June we’ve devoted much, if not most, of our free time attempting to contract with local vendors to replace our engine and generator with brand new systems. As we are in the Clear Lake area of Texas, reputed to be the third largest concentration of recreational boating in the US, one would think this would be an easy proposition. But, that, would be wishful thinking.

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From time to time, readers of the blog will see a post here in which we had to have the boat towed in by one of the towing companies. In our area that would be either BoatsUS or Sea Tow. Both of these towing companies are good and, generally speaking, both are fast. We’re not partial to either one…because we are members of both. For around $320/year we have towing insurance. In other words, if our boat breaks down we can call these people and they will, quite quickly, send out a boat to tow us wherever it is we want to go.

Now, I don’t know of any boater who has not had the need to be towed in. It’s one of those “if you haven’t, you will” kind of things. If you haven’t yet needed a tow, you will sooner or later need to be towed in. It’s sort of a fact of life thing. We’ve only needed to be towed in a handful of times, but when you need to be towed these two companies are a blessing.

A few weeks ago, on the last Friday in July, we decided to motor out into the bay and spend the night. The reason was to watch the last night or so of fireworks display that the Kemah Boardwalk puts on. Every Friday and Saturday night in June and July they sponsor a fireworks display. Many, many boaters head out on Galveston Bay to watch this, something we’d never done.

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