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Monthly Archives: June 2015


From a previous post HERE, one might remember that our shakedown cruise on our boat tested virtually every system on the boat…except the boat itself. So, we decided that:

“Over the summer, we will continue our upgrades and coastal sail, departing for good when hurricane season is over. This was the original plan and we are sticking to it.”

Regarding our somewhat funny dock shakedown, some systems proved themselves. Others failed and were either repaired or, mostly, replaced with new equipment. But, one major issue we had, that ultimately led to the above decision, was with screwy voltage drops on our primary 12v system…the elusive and scary possibility of the “hard ground”, as it were. After six weeks of living on the boat we moved back to our home. The focus remained on the boat, however, and after a few days in the pool recouping, it was back to the yacht chasing our primary circuitry.

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…and that is understatement.

After isolating issues and repairing our electrical system. We had a sit-down to discuss the two major systems on our boat…the power/engine and the genset. The long and short of that discussion was the decision to repower our boat and replace the genset. Repower in its simplest form means to replace, as in replace the engine of our boat. It’s a very considerable investment. One would think there would be companies jumping through hoops for the chance to take on this project, considering the Clear Lake area is supposed to be the third largest concentration of pleasure boats in the United States.

Au contraire, mon ami.

A couple of weeks ago we sat down and composed a scope of work for the engine and genset and either brought it or emailed it, with follow up, to five or so local companies who were said to be in the repowering business here in the area.

One of the companies said they would be interested but couldn’t “get to it until sometime next winter.” Two of the companies didn’t bother to even respond. One of the firms quoted us an engine much bigger than we specified. The last place called, seemed a bit interested and even came to the boat to make measurements…we haven’t heard from that place in a week, a call to him today was not returned. The firm that quoted the too big engine was told to revamp their estimate, they’ve been promising us the revised quote for over a week now, to no avail.

So, we wait, and call.

Nothing’s easy…