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Last night was the Clear Lake Christmas Boat Parade.  The marina where we keep our boat affords perhaps the best seat to watch it.  Outsiders are always trying to crash the marina, to the extent that now the marina has police to keep non members out.  Still, any of us can have all the guests we want come.  It’s a big party for sure…ice chests and chairs and the boat parade.

Prior to the parade we decorated our boat.  That’s it in the pix above.  It’s a real tree, real lights and decorations, but it’s only about eighteen inches tall.  Quite a few in the marina decorate their boat in some small way.  Here’s a different photo.


We have been to the boat parade every year we’ve known each other with the exception of last year.  My guy has been going since 1978.  The first year he took me the weather was terrible, so foggy one could barely see into the channel.  Husband said that would be the rule rather than the exception.  He’ been right, last year so bad we decided not to even go.  But this year the weather was just great.  It was cool enough to put one in the spirit and slightly overcast.  Clear Lake started to crowd pretty good just prior to the race…right up until the start boats of all sizes jockeyed for the best anchor location just off of the channel.


This years parade was the best one I’ve been to.  For a couple of hours the yachts and boats sailed by decorated in all manner of decoration.  Some with definite themes, others appearing simply hell bent to put as many lights on their boat before it sinks.  It is an explosion of color and lights.  My iPhone camera did not do the whole affair justice…at all.  A few representative shots.







In other news…our new Garmin 7212 Chartplotter came in…what a moose.



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