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So, soooo many of the boats at the marina almost never get out on the water and actually sail.  A couple of weeks ago a couple we know a slip or two down from us came over and had a drink with us at sundown.  I forget exactly what brought it up but the guy said, “You two are the only sailors we know who actually sail.”  That, of course is not exactly true, but pretty close.  We’ve made a concerted effort to get the boat off of the dock at least once a week…kind of a rain or shine thing.  The reason, aside from the fact that we just like sailing and being on the water, is simply to get uber comfortable with our yacht. Since we got our boat, much of the time has been spent taking care of propulsion and power issues…and then, we were down a couple of months waiting for our new mainsail to be constructed.  We are still on schedule to leave for points South next March…only a 120 days or so away.  Between now and then we fully expect to sail every weekend.

This morning husband and I got out early…on the water around 9;00 or so.  It was a bluebird day with winds out of the ESE at around 20 knots indicated.  We powered out of Clear Lake Channel in a parade of perhaps 40 or so struggling J-Boats on their way to the Sunday morning races.  The wind had kicked up a pretty good chop.






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