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Monthly Archives: October 2014


The above is our boat logo.  We will have this on our boat cards, boat stamp, T-shirts, etc. 

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This is the blog post I’ve waited years to compose.

My husband and I have taken somewhat of a circuitous approach to cruising…as a function of retirement. Many, young and old, seem to come to sailing and cruising in a heated rush. We chose a more measured approach. While some, again, young and old, often “sell the farm”, buy a boat, and dive into sailing with a two and a half gainer with a double twist from the three meter board, we chose to ease into the kiddy pool and slowly make our way to the deep end.

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Not all that long ago but particularly when I was younger I would have fallen into the don’t-give-a-damn category of person. A child of the sixties, I had a pretty cavalier attitude and didn’t suffer fools very well. I called a spade a spade with little thought to the consequences. I was younger then. As I’ve gotten older I’ve moderated that stance a little bit. It’s not that I won’t call out something I feel is egregiously wrong and/or insults my sensibilities, it’s just that I try to be more attune to why people say and do what they say and do rather than what they say and do.

Some things, however, still seem to stick with me and blogs/blogging is one of them. I’ve had several blogs that addressed issues that were, at the time, important to me. As I’m against censorship; my blogs allowed people to comment on what I’d written. I shut down my previous blogs because sooner or later both the comments and the people who made them made me sick; the Internet has a way of morphing people into real assholes and I got tired of what they were writing on my blog. Rather than censor what my readers were saying in their comments I just decided to shut the whole damn enterprise down.

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