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This weekend was my birthday. We wanted to plan a getaway on the boat but our sail loft was late getting our new sail on the boat so we just decided to hang out.

There is a couple in our marina that bought a brand spanking new production boat…a 37’ Beneteau Platinum. They are great people but not very experienced sailors. Unlike some, they know they are inexperienced but are eager to learn. We asked them if they’d take us out on their boat and suggested we all get out on the water last Saturday and sail down to Galveston. And, that’s what we did.

My guy and I both enjoyed the trip. Except for a brief period, either myself or my guy manned the helm. The owner, along with my guy, handled the sails. The couple had never made the trip down the Houston Ship Channel to Galveston.

The wind on the upper bay was around 15 knots as we shoved off…and from the East. Perfect for that sail. The tide was going out. All the way down we flew at, or near, hull speed. Bolivar Roads was just busy enough for them to appreciate the heads up that area deserves, as one of the busiest commercial traffic areas in the world.

Both the owners (husband and wife) were like kids in a candy store, taking photos, and watching the ships and porpoises.  So enthusiastic they wanted to go on out into the gulf. The winds had increased to 20-25 knots and there was a decent 4’ chop when we reached the Galveston Ship Channel; we were severely over powered. Their instruments showed we were making 9.3 knots with an outgoing tide assist. My guy and I were not enthusiastic about beating the several remaining miles down Bolivar Roads (the channel turns to the East at this point) but both of us were game if the owners were.

We pulled into the Galveston Ship Channel to show them were the Galveston Yacht Basin was and to drop our sails. We cruised the GSC before heading back out to Bolivar Roads. When we reached the Bolivar Channel I asked them if they were sure they wanted to bash the three miles on out to the end of the jetty. They indicated they did not; more responsible heads prevailed and my guy and I were pleased.

We headed back as the tide slacked, but still on a beam reach. It was a great day of sailing and our friends were happy as could be to get out on the water.


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