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I’m not what one would call a seamstress. I do, however, like to sew. So it was, that many months ago my husband and I decided we wanted new curtains on our boat.

The existing curtains were quite nice. The pattern was abstract. The curtain panels were single pinch pleated, lined, and connected to aluminum curtain rods both at the top and bottom with plastic slides. The problem was that the original curtains were virtually rotten from age.

The first hurdle was to choose the material. I first chose a somewhat flowered pattern in a polyester fiber; I used a 70% – 30% cotton/polyester blend for the lining. I ripped the stitches from one existing panel, determined to follow the existing curtain construction exactly.


The curtain panel came out great, but the material sucked. Off I went to get more samples from the fabric stores. In the end, I chose a wildly flowered pattern in 100% cotton; I continued to use the cotton/polyester blend for the lining.




And, off I went to sew things up. The curtains came out great but it was a very long haul. It took me almost five weeks to sew the 29 panels for our boat. It took just under two hours to completely finish one panel. I know if I had worked on each panel start to finish it would have been no where near that long to sew the curtains up but there were two problems. One, I ran out of material twice and, two, I can only sit at a sewing machine for a few hours at any given time.


Anyway, it’s great to have the new curtains on the boat and another chore off the list.




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