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Mid July of this year we took the boat out to sail down to Galveston to get away. The trip was successful and going great until on the way back our mainsail jammed in its furler. We could neither roll the sail up nor unfurl it.

When we bought the boat it had a first generation Profurl, behind-the-mast auto furling system on it. We hated it then and though we knew sooner or later it would have to go, we decided to try to work with it anyhow. When our sail jammed the very first time, and after taking the system apart to see if we could make it better (to no avail) we made the decision to junk both the sail and the roller furler system in favor of a conventional, fully battened main and a Tides sail track.

We solicited prices from North Sails, C&C Sailmakers, Cameron Sails, Banks Sails, and from two cut rate internet mail order lofts. We chose Banks Sails, one of the local major sail makers, after a thorough bid tab…and then negotiated the price even lower. Delivery was quoted at roughly four weeks.

Though they were a week or so late, gave us a fair amount of runaround, and are going to have to come back to the boat because they forgot to put our sail number on, overall Banks performed reasonably well…considering we were putting out the monetary equivalent of a small car we’d hoped for a bit more attention to detail.  We haven’t been out to test our new main yet – that comes this coming weekend – the workmanship, however, looks to be good.

With the new mainsail, we have finally gotten a decent suit of sails on the boat. Both the headsail and staysail have been refurbished at Camerons Sails here in Kemah, stitches checked and redone and new Sunbrella UV protection strips sewn on.

Regarding sails, the only thing on the immediate horizon is for me to build a stack pack sail cover. I ordered all of the material this morning. It will be quite a job to sew the cover…I think I’m up for it. Having refurbished and/or new sails and running rigging is a nice feeling.

The behind-the-mast system is for sale, if anyone might be interested.


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