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Monthly Archives: July 2014

I’m sure some who might read here are probably tired of the continuing saga of our behind the mast auto furler. I can assure you all that no one is as tired of the issue as we are.

Our boat came with a behind the mast auto furler for the main sail. We have hated the system since viewing it on Yacht World…before we ever even visited the boat. For the uninitiated, a behind the mast auto furler was a first generation mainsail furling system that essentially used a headsail auto furler mounted to, and aft of, the mast. Just looking at the system is enough to scream cluster fuck.

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I’ve written about the Rebel Heart rescue thing before, HERE. I won’t be commenting on it again. When I wrote the piece on Rebel Heart the family had just arrived back in San Diego from being rescued and had not commented on the situation yet. Since that time they have commented. Their blog is back up and running and they’ve sat for an interview or two.

However, though it may not be the case, it appears to me the family continues to struggle with the reality of their situation.

If I understand the situation clearly, the Rebel Hearts are now saying that barring their child’s illness their Union 36 sailboat was seaworthy enough to have continued on their way to the Marquesas. In their latest interview, in fact, the Kaufman’s now state that had their satellite phone not malfunctioned they could have, and would have, continued on…and they would not have had to set off their EPIRB…would not have required a rescue…and, thus, would not have had to sink their boat. They say that if their SAT phone had not been rendered useless by the supplier, they would have been able to avoid the entire rescue because their physician in Mexico could have instructed them on how to properly administer their baby’s medication. Their baby’s illness has still not been defined, other than a fever and a rash. And, now – you guessed it – the Kaufman’s have filed suit against their SAT phone people.

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There was a time when I kinda sorta liked reading blogs. All kinds of blogs. But, quickly, and I suppose predictably as well, the vast majority of blogs simply went to hell. I chalk that up to two things. One, and primarily, the owners of these blogs started taking themselves way more seriously than they should have. And, secondly, many of those who read the blogs quickly realized they could say just short of anything in the comment sections. The real world has no monopoly on rudeness and lack of decorum. The Internet can be, and quite often is, a cesspool of humans acting out, hidden for the most part in anonymity.

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Some of you of a certain age might remember Gilda Radner of Saturday Night Live fame. Married to Gene Wilder, she died at just 42 from ovarian cancer. As one of the original Not Ready for Primetime Players, she helped make SNL the icon it eventually became. One of my favorite characters Gilda played was Roseanne Roseannadanna.  Roseanne would often rant on the Weekend Update sketch with Jane Curtain where after digressing she would always sign off with some version of “Well, Jane, it just goes to show you, it’s always something—if it ain’t one thing, it’s another.”

Well, just ain’t that the friggin truth…

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