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I will be the first to say that I am not a professional writer. However, bad or incorrect grammar drives me insane.

“I seen…”

I kind of go crazy when I hear someone start a sentence with I seen. Couldn’t the person have at least paid a little attention in English class. If there is any one thing that shouts I am a dumb ass as it is bad grammar.

One of the most incorrectly or overused examples of bad grammar is the use of prefixes to describe, or when addressing, a boat or yacht…

Recently I read a blog that started out with this: “It may come as a surprise to some of you that I have not been officially ‘published’ until now.”  Well, their presumptuousness aside, it really didn’t surprise me any, though in all honesty the particular blog in question is better written than some.

Many, many, many blogs are written by men and women who set themselves up as serious writers. So, to all of you English major sailing types who see yourselves as the next Pulitzer Prize winning author…please note the following:

Generally you should only use the prefix if it has become part of the recognized name, as with “RMS Titanic”. It is not necessary to describe a bulk carrier called “Deep Blue” as MV “Deep Blue” to tell people the vessel has a motor.

If you are citing a ship prefix there is no need to put a slash or full stops in the prefix (it is well known that they are acronyms) – so RMS rather than R.M.S. and MY rather than M/Y.

So, all you pros out there…keep up and pay attention.


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