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Things are coming together. They always do.


The photos are of the salon table. Previous posts will show the crappy condition of the table’s original finish. It wasn’t good. Some sort of very soft but clear finish was used on it. The fix was easy…remove the old finish, sand down to bare wood, and then refinish with ten coats of a rock hard polyurethane. I did, and the result pretty much speaks for itself.


There are several things about this particular salon table that we really like. One is that it is bolted solidly to the floor. We know from first hand experience that if one finds themselves thrown across the salon in lumpy seas, the table will take the load if needed and makes for a firm hold. And, secondly, the table sits on top of a cabinet that is perfect for storing our silverware, plates, etc.


Today we’re expecting a general estimate on some shipyard work our yacht needs. As soon as we get the ballpark estimate we will give the yard the go ahead to pull the boat and start. There are five things that we are going to have done. First up is a bottom job, it’s been several years since the last one. The hull has several places that need to be touched up, including the entire transom…dings and scratches from the previous owners. The entire transom needs to be repainted because the name of the boat is painted on, and not vinyl. The name will not change but the hailing port needs to be changed. Also, we are going to have our three blade Max Prop put back on.

And, lastly, we are springing for a bow thruster. This is a bit ticket item ($12.5K) but we feel in the long run it will keep the pucker factor down when maneuvering in tight quarters. I’ve said it before and nothing’s changed, our yacht handles like a sand dune at slow speeds. From observing other large sailboats with them, and from talking with others, we don’t feel like we will regret the outlay.  One of the most experienced bow thruster firms in the nation is located at the marina where we keep our boat.  HERE is an interesting video they produced on the installation procedure.  I have to admit I’m not crazy about having that big hole drilled.  I’m sure I’ll get over it though.  I hope so anyhow.

The generator is back in and Captain Husband is connecting it up…generated power is just a blink or so away. And, with that done, the refit is pretty much done. There’s some odds and ends that need to be done for sure, nickel and dime stuff. But, the boat is back in sailing form.

We anticipate entering the Harvest Moon Regatta this year. It’s a sailboat race from Galveston to Port Aransas, Texas. It’s a 150 mile or so offshore run. We don‘t have a crew yet…but I’m sure that will work its way out.


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