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What’s trending?

I’m not much for catch phrases, particularly the one above, but do concede it has its place in our world.  And, one item that is definitely trending are all things infant on cruising sailboats.  Babies and boats are big. 

Now, let me say from the outset that as much as I’ve always loved kids, I can think of few things less appealing than raising a baby aboard a full time cruising sailboat.  But, many of the young adventurous sailing couples cruising these days certainly feel differently.  Many absolutely merge their sailing desires with those of raising a family.  They are an amusing group, actually, and really get into it.  They wear their babies, of course…wearing one’s baby is a trending term, don’t you know.  And, the new baby’s name is often accompanied by a phonetic pronunciation guide right next to it in parentheses…Iiela (EYE-la)…Aest (EAST).  The weirder the spelling of a strange name to start with, the better.

It’s a youth thing…it’s trending.

Below is a screech owl that took residence in the red maple beside our driveway last Fall.  He slept all day and never moved from a lower branch about eight feet up.  Over the couple of months that he was there, and because he just slept all day, he became quite well known to all of the neighborhood would stop by and look at him.  Was a way cool bird…about 8″ tall.  When the leaves fell from the maple, he left.





  1. Why not just come right out and say that you are talking about Rebel Heart (baby wearing), Windtraveler (Isla), and Bumfuzzle (Ouest)? We’re all soooo trendy.

    • Why in the world would I want to do that? Regardless of who or how, what would be the point of being so specific? The post was to illustrate a trend and is social commentary. I’m pretty sure few people who read my blog would know, or would even care to know the specifics…they are so totally not important. There are youngsters in my own family who could have been the subject for this post.

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