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Monthly Archives: February 2014

What’s trending?

I’m not much for catch phrases, particularly the one above, but do concede it has its place in our world.  And, one item that is definitely trending are all things infant on cruising sailboats.  Babies and boats are big. 

Now, let me say from the outset that as much as I’ve always loved kids, I can think of few things less appealing than raising a baby aboard a full time cruising sailboat.  But, many of the young adventurous sailing couples cruising these days certainly feel differently.  Many absolutely merge their sailing desires with those of raising a family.  They are an amusing group, actually, and really get into it.  They wear their babies, of course…wearing one’s baby is a trending term, don’t you know.  And, the new baby’s name is often accompanied by a phonetic pronunciation guide right next to it in parentheses…Iiela (EYE-la)…Aest (EAST).  The weirder the spelling of a strange name to start with, the better.

It’s a youth thing…it’s trending.

Below is a screech owl that took residence in the red maple beside our driveway last Fall.  He slept all day and never moved from a lower branch about eight feet up.  Over the couple of months that he was there, and because he just slept all day, he became quite well known to all of the neighborhood would stop by and look at him.  Was a way cool bird…about 8″ tall.  When the leaves fell from the maple, he left.




It’s been a while with no updates. Thought it might be time. No updates certainly doesn’t mean no work.

For Captain Husband, it’s been all about the engine room. The generator was completely removed and now sits smack dab in the middle of the main salon. We took the generator out to get to the engine. All of the engine hoses were replaced. Most were no longer reliable; those that can be used for spares will be.

The sea chest and its plumbing were removed and refurbished with new valves and fittings. The hose from the sea cock to the sea chest was completely plugged with mud and crap. It was cleaned. The damaged muffler was replaced. We had all three of our engine and generator heat exchangers serviced. Our engine cooling issues seem to be gone.

The captain has also replaced the entire engine console with new gauges and tachometer. We are in the process of moving the engine console to the pedestal. The location it is currently at makes it all but impossible to start or shutdown the engine without lying on ones back, literally. A new, much larger multi function display will be purchased shortly…also to be located on the pedestal.

The refrigeration unit for the refrigerator and freezer has been removed and is being refurbished.

As usual, the work is progressing exceedingly slow.

My world? Teak, teak, and more teak. Captain husband does the mechanics, but the refinishing, restoration, and overall aesthetics are all mine. I’ve become a bit of an expert at refinishing and repairing teak. So far, the cap rail, top side hand rails, other miscellaneous top side bright work, and the cabinet doors in the salon…the salon table, salon fold out table, galley doors and sliding panels have all been stripped and restored. The access panel and doors to the engine room have been removed, restored, and refinishing.

The sail locker had numerous aesthetic issues. The cover to the bilge needed to be restored and painted. Some of the cabinet doors needed to be restored before being refinished. Some delamination had to be repaired. And, the valve that controls the forward topsides wash down needed to be replaced. The sail locker was dismantled, restored, and then refinished.

We purchased a flat screen television and antenna…great reception.

Our boat is gorgeous inside as it is. However, upon closer inspection, particularly in the main salon, the finish is atrocious. There are noticeable places where the finish ran. The finish was applied without removing hardware, etc. At some stage, there was varnishing done where the item was not masked off. Even though whoever was careful, varnish got on other paneling. So far, this has not been a real problem, but it does add to the overall time involved in refinishing the boat properly. And, then there is the cabin sole in the main salon. The wood is in perfect shape, but the finish is motley. Again, an easy fix but quite time consuming.

Anyway, for prosperity, here are some random photos…

Some blemishes needed to be plugged.

Some blemishes needed to be plugged.

Sunset at Southwest Pass

Sunset at Southwest Pass

Starboard aft quarter cap rail...teak craftsmanship at its best.

Starboard aft quarter cap rail…teak craftsmanship at its best.

Refinished salon table leaf on right...original finish on left.

Refinished salon table leaf on right…original finish on left.

Have somewhat turned parts of our home into a shop.

Have somewhat turned parts of our home into a shop.

Plugged sea chest supply line.  It's a wonder we ran at all.

Plugged sea chest supply line. It’s a wonder we ran at all.

Cabinet doors.

Cabinet doors.

Sail locker masking.

Sail locker masking.

Spookie...our guard cat.

Spookie…our guard cat.