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After the slam from someone calling themselves Shredrick McGnarlson, alluding to me as an elitist and essentially chastising me for not having a more live and let live attitude towards other boaters, I got to thinking…about how frigging weird some people are. 

It’s just been the past couple of months that I’ve stumbled across a few sailing blogs.  For the most part they are pretty much the same ole, same ole.  But one thing is alive and well on the internet and that is the weirdness of a bunch who dwell there.

One local blogger here came unglued on her blog the other day.  It appears she was a bit outdone over so-called snarky comments people left on her blog and those who post anonymous comments. 

“What is it about the internet that makes everyone an expert? Seriously, I’d like to know because I currently have plenty of internet and yet I am pretty certain I am an expert at…nothing. Here’s a comment left on my last post by Anonymous “Nice work, but do you guys ever actually sail your boat?” It might have been just an innocuous comment but it could just as easily have been meant to be snarky. Then. I got an email which basically accused me of wasting bandwidth on blogging the refit and could we just go sailing already.”

And, then, last night I happened to come across this same person on Cruiser’s Forum…with 757 comments!  And, she considers herself pretty much qualified to discuss just about everything.  To say she embellishes would be understatement.  Consider this comment on a CF thread entitled Boat Size Question:

“We are a family of four on a 42 footer. Yes, we had planned to be a family of 3 but life is nothing if not full of surprises! It still works at just 42 feet and the money we save in dock/haul out fees more than compensated for the loss of 8 feet.”

This poor lady, if one believes her blog, has almost no sailing experience and appears to have overnighted on their yacht only a couple of times in several years.  How does she know a 42 is better than a 50…the family has never owned a 50’ yacht.  I guess, like everything else she comments on, she knows because, well…she knows.  Her comments – all of her comments – seem to be based way more on what she’s read, than what she’s done.

While reading the above blog, I cam across another blog called Rebel Heart.  It’s actually two blogs…one from the guy’s perspective, one from the girls.  The guy’s blog part is not bad, but the mother’s is just down right strange.  A recent blog post was all about her quest to get the perfect shot of her breast feeding her infant daughter:

“I have been trying to get a photo of breastfeeding Lyra that captures how much I love both her and my ability to happily, successfully breastfeed this sweet baby, and I finally captured it in the photo above.”

Apparently, she succeeds.  There are plenty of pictures of Red Charlotte breastfeeding her daughter.  To me, it appears this is way more about look at me, I’m a breastfeeding mother than anything else.  I think it’s admirable that she is breastfeeding…but I can’t imagine in any way why she’d want to post pictures of it on the internet.  By the way, Red Charlotte has a business web site…lot’s of breastfeeding sucking pad there.  Red Charlottes business, according to Rebel Heart, allows for her to share her passion for babywearing, crafting, and creativityBabywearing?  WTF?  Too frigging strange for me.

Young sailing couples and their very young children seem to be big themes in the blogosphere.  These same couples taking photos of their naked 0-3 year something olds reminds me of the all the shade the Baby On Board signs used to get…before they were laughed out of society.  Now, one sees the stick men decals everywhere.  No doubt the stick men decals will follow the same trail that the Baby On Board thing did.  This morning I saw a decal on a car that said…I ate your stick men family.  Cracked me up.  So, GREAT…you have children.  GREAT…you want shots of your young toddlers naked…so cute, you think.  And, maybe they are.  But what makes you think that those who read your blogs think they are cute and/or want to look at them?

I’ve been down this road before with other blogs.  The come back one always gets when writing a post such as this one is this:  If you don’t like those kinds of blogs in general, or my blog in particular, then why do you read them?  No one is forcing you to read my blog.

And, they are right.

I’m not going to rag on…I skimmed the blog and agreed with almost everyone else with a brain.  Those people were extremely lucky…shit blind lucky.  As one commenter said on Sailing Anarchy, the family is to sailing as the Yugo is to Formula 1.  But, hey, good for them.  What they did holds no interest to me though.  Same goes for the lady and her project boat (she calls it a refit).  I say to her, knock yourself out…maybe you’ll be just as lucky as the Bums…hopefully, you will.  And, to all the blah, blah, blah fertile Myrtle sailing mothers out there who think we, or at least I, want to see all of your cutsy baby pictures…rethink it.  We don’t.  Nothing wrong with that, it’s just that most, me for sure, are way past that.

The solution? 

My solution is to take the advice those who write these blogs suggest…quit reading them.  I’m reminded of a Gumpism.  Forest said that he liked hitting himself with a stick…because it felt so good when he stopped.  I feel like I’ve been beating myself up by reading this crap…it’s time for me to stop.



    • Carey & Lou Ann
    • Posted September 11, 2013 at 5:01 PM
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    Good stuff! Similar story, sold the Hunter 28.5 and bought “the” boat or at least the one we can afford in July. Live in Galveston with boat parked at our dock and the upgrades have begun. We do, however, sail at every opportunity. Hope you meet you two someday. We are “Texas Two” on our Island Packet 31.

  1. Thanks for commenting. Hope your upgrades go good. And, we will definitely look for you folks out on the water.

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