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The name of this blog has changed…from Not the Boat, a collection of essays revolving around the purchase and refurbishing of our Hunter 31 sloop, to The Boat…which will document the boat we are now contractually obligated to buy pending it passing its marine survey and sea trials.  It refers to the boat we plan to cruise and retire on. 

When we purchased our Hunter 31 it was in dire need of work…most used sailboat are.  And, work on it we did.  Essentially, aside from the hull and rigging, the entire boat was stripped, repaired, and customized.  The result was an adequate coastal cruiser.  However, the Hunter 31 was never meant to be the boat.  The Hunter was a test.  It was a test to see if me and my husband were compatible sailing together.  Both of us being strong willed, it was a test to see if we both actually knew how to sail…a test of individual and group discipline…a test of our courage in the face of emergencies…a test of cooperation…a test of our knowledge and seamanship…a test of our teamwork.  The Hunter 31 was a learning experience related not so much to the boat, but to ourselves.

We passed the test.

And, so, it was time to get on with the plan.  All along the plan has been to spend the initial years of our retirement cruising the Caribbean and east coast of North America.  We’ve discussed making an Atlantic crossing; that’s not on our radar…but it has not been ruled out either.

From the start my husband and I have both known that provided we passed the above somewhat unspoken tests, the plan would require a new boat.  Going forward, this blog will be about that boat…the new boat…the boat.


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