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Monthly Archives: February 2013

A while back, I defriended three family members of mine on Facebook.  All three of them live in Mississippi.  Yesterday, I defriended another person.  I don’t have that many Facebook friends because of defriending people almost as fast as I add them…IF I add them in the first place.  Both my three family members and the other person are inherently good people.  I didn’t defriend them because they were not good people, but because 1), they obviously didn’t and don’t stop to think about the things they put out on the net and, 2), because most of what they did post was downright offensive to me.


Now, in no way am I a Saint.  But, my husband would tell anyone that I am Christian and approach life in that vein…pride is no virtue but that is something I’m proud of.  I don’t always succeed, but I always try.  Not to brag, but I am one of those people who knows what the bible says…I know what the scriptures say.


I can somewhat forgive the errant slip we all make when not thinking about what we post online, we’ve all done that.  But a Facebook friend repeatedly posting something to their Facebook page that offends me is a Facebook friend I don’t need…and won’t have.  Those posts embarrass me…they embarrass me for them, the person posting it over and over and over again.


I grew up in a very small, Mississippi River delta town in north central Louisiana; the little place backed up to the levee.  To say that it was racist is gross understatement.  Hell, on occasion crop dusters would drop KKK pamphlets over the town on the Friday nights the football games were held.  I despise racism, yet am more than aware that it is rampant everywhere.  One of the family members, by marriage, from Mississippi, I banished from FB posted after the election last November that “It is a sad day for America.”  I am most certain that the only reason – only reason – she made that statement was because Obama is black.  Obama could be the second coming of Christ and her, and her family, my family, would still say it’s a “…sad day…” if He came back black.  You know, you just get tired of that kind of racist crap.  This segment of my family prides themselves with being every-Sunday-go-to-church Christians.  I wonder what Jesus would say to that?  She has black FB friends, I wonder what they think about that?


There are those I’ve defriended that just love to wrap themselves in the American flag.  As John Forgery, of Credence Clearwater Revival, would say, “Ooooo they’re red, white, and blue.”  Oh yeah.  They are not about to let anyone have any say so on their guns…they resent to the very supermax anyone, the government or otherwise, telling them what to do…they reject anyone violating their privacy or getting into their business.  Yet these same people have not the slightest of hesitations in voicing their hatred for gays or women who have abortions.  Perhaps they’d feel differently if they were subject to the same discrimination that gays are.  Maybe they wouldn’t be so flippant about abortion if, as I have, as almost every woman has, they knew someone who found themselves pregnant and suffering the absolute painful anguish of the decision of whether to abort or not…yet knowing there is really no good choice.  Oh, no, these people have no problem butting in to those people’s lives.  How hypocritical can anyone get?


I’m all far supporting our troops.  I did during Viet Nam and I do now.  But, then and now, though I support the troops, I don’t support the war.  The Republicans, particularly Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, have fomented the meme that it’s unpatriotic to hold that position.  What they don’t say is neither one of those college dropouts served.  Those two pundits are the world’s best at waving the flag and demonizing anyone who doesn’t see eye to eye with their radical, conservative ideology.  Iraq was fought over oil; Afghanistan under the pretext of Bin Laden…neither of those wars under the Bush/Hannity/Limbaugh regime was because of a National Security risk.  I’m glad our troops are coming home under Obama.


I’ve had it with the welfare lie.  Oh, you’ve all heard it, most recently from Mitt Romney.  You remember Mittens, of course.  You know the Republican presidential candidate who got his butt kicked by Obama in the last election.  You remember him.  He’s the one who said that he didn’t care if 47% of America voted for him or not because all they wanted was a hand out.  Anyone who believes that is an idiot, period.  I’m no different than most of you in that I despise those on welfare who are just along for the ride and abuse the system.  I despise bums who sit around for years lamenting how they can’t get a job while their girlfriends, wives, husbands, government, or someone supports them…waiting for their dream job when their qualifications barely qualify them to sweep the floor at Burger King.  But, I do not think that is the vast majority of welfare recipients and it’s offensive to me that some insinuate that 1) it is the vast majority on welfare, and 2) most of them are black or some other minority.  “Oh, but for the grace of God…” comes to mind.  It seems the ones who hold this position feel it can never happen to them.  They lead their so charmed life never considering their future.  I’m here, and so is my husband, to tell them it can happen to them.  Just let a nasty divorce enter the picture and see what happens.  Just let them lose their job for an extended amount of time and see what happens.  Though neither I nor my husband has ever had to resort to welfare, we both were brought almost to our knees due to just those two events many years ago.  But, many, many, many people have had a change of fortune in which welfare was their only means of survival.  And that same group had good fortune to start with…imagine those who were not so blessed in the beginning.


It’s just too damn easy to trot out some canned privileged sound bite for some.  They should have worked harder.  They should have saved more.  They don’t want to work.  Blah, blah, blah.  And, no doubt, as mentioned, there are some who just abuse the system.  But, they are not the majority.  And, they are not just those in the minority.  And, I’m sick of the WASPy kinds saying it is.


Karma is a law of the universe, so the Buddhists say.  Christianity references it in the scripture one reaps what they so.  Either way, those with no compassion will almost certainly one day pay for it…sooner, or later.


I don’t wave the flag each day, but I’m patriotic.  At this stage of our lives we have scrimped and saved and are doing pretty good.  But, I’m not so naïve to think things couldn’t change in a heartbeat, literally.  I think it would be wise for those who exude all the negative hate remember it as well.


I’m 62 and remember when America wasn’t the way it is now.  Police departments were not primarily profit centers but had officers that kept the peace.  Peace officers were just that, they kept the peace…they didn’t set out each morning looking for someone they could fine.  Conservatives have passed laws in the past 25 years that have made the US far and above the country with the most people incarcerated per capita than any other country in the industrialized world.  People didn’t necessarily like some of the Presidents we have had, but they supported them.  Our government factions didn’t always agree on the course to take but they compromised for the greater good.  America was not so absolutely divided on everything.  I’m a political centrist, a fiscal moderate; a social liberal.  I don’t agree with everything any of the political parties expound.  But I hold the responsibility for the divisiveness of present day America squarely at the feet of the Republican Party.  They have rightly become known as the party of NO.  Hopefully they have gotten the message these past years.  Anyone who reads any of the news media readily knows the Republican Party is doing their best to change their image and brand.  Lord knows they need a makeover.  We need two political parties in the US.


As for me, I will continue to remain unaligned and support whoever I think has the best plan…a support based on keeping abreast of the current information I garner…not the information spoon fed to me by talk radio or a political movement.


If one wants to try to be some kind of neo upper class redneck because they think it’s cool or funny…great with me, but I don’t think it’s cool or funny.  But, who am I to get in the way of their ignorance and stupidity.  However, I know people read my FB page.  I’ve had it with misogynists, racists, and homophobes.  I’ve had it with off color jokes plastered across the internet that are published for only one reason, to demonize entire groups of people; those post only serve to further the divisiveness of our community…our nation.  I’ve had it with Republicans who label anyone who doesn’t agree with everything their radical, incredibly fanatical ideology says as an unpatriotic liberal.  I’m done with seeing my Facebook feed polluted with out of context quotes from our founding fathers who couldn’t in their wildest imagination have conceived in the 1700s what life would be like 213 years later.  It offends me, but more so, it brings me down.  I’m up to my ears in seeing my FB feed jammed with political propaganda from some who are clueless on current events and are simply intellectually incapable of honest debate, posting things they can’t back up and are not substantiated with fact.


I don’t need Facebook friends like that.