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Monthly Archives: October 2011

All weekend has been another major exercise in packing, for this morning, shortly, I’ll be on the road for a very long drive…I’m off to build a natural gas plant.  It will be a novel experience; I’ve never built one before.  When I say I will “build a natural gas plant” I don’t mean that I will literally build the plant.  What I mean is that I will be a part of the construction management team that supervises its construction…specifically, I will set up and supervise the project controls part.  I’m a both excited and apprehensive.

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Last Saturday, my Captain Guy and I took my mother-in-law sailing.  It was a custom made day for it.  We motored around Clear Lake looking at all the zillion dollar homes before heading out into the bay, killing the engine, and setting sail.  It was a great day for sailing and there were lots and lots of boats out on the bay taking advantage of the light winds and cool weather.  My mother-in-law was thrilled with the outing. 

We like our boat.  The boat that existed when we purchased her is little more than a shadow of what we sail now.  What little bit left to put the absolute finishing touches on her is nothing more than piddle work.  The Hunter 31 is a thirty one foot racer cruiser.  What that means is that it has a fin-keel, a spade rudder, and a very round bottom.  The upside of a racer cruiser boat design is that they are responsive and reach hull speed in relatively light air.  The downside is that in an angry sea they will beat you silly and make moving around on the boat very dangerous if not all but impossible.  In stronger winds they heel over considerably with the same result.  And, that brings us to the issue at hand…a new boat.

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