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Seen today on Cruiser’s Forum

Not sure if this should be here in the Floating Women section or Challenges , but anyway...

I want a woman with a boat.  However, I am not after a “relationship”.  More a traveling companion to share new and exciting voyages of discovery around the (sunnier) parts of the world for many months (and maybe years).

I envisage the arrangement to be like a genuine partnership (in adventure).  You provide the boat and I move onboard and the fun can start!  I figure as two can live as cheaply as one then my living costs onboard would not be an issue (and anyway it seems rude to ruin the start of a friendship by bringing money into the equation).  Of course I would be only too happy to share some costs…say, like buying the odd beer ashore.

Obviously whilst onboard I am willing to help out a bit and even share watchkeeping (as long as I get my full 10 hours – from 11pm).  I don’t have any special dietary requirements so you can pretty much cook what you want for me.  But, I do like my bacon crispy and am also keen on fresh bread every day, but this is not a deal breaker – every other day would be fine.  I won’t bring too many bags onboard either so won’t add too much onto your laundry time.

As I said, am not after a relationship – treat me as more of an onboard guest.  But if things do turn into a “Captain with benefits” arrangement we can deal with that when the time comes.

Now I appreciate that some of the fellas on may try and derail this thread with “helpful” comments but can I ask for none of the usual sexist nonsense that these sorts of threads attract.



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