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The day after we got back from Santa Rosa we put the boat back into the water after some much needed maintenance.

While out of the water (called “on the hards” in nautical slang) the mast was removed.  Mast work included installing a new antenna, new antenna wiring, a new weather station, and two new mast spotlights.  As well, all of the mast light wiring was inspected before then being either repaired or replaced and all mast light bulbs were changed out.

The hull and rudder paint below the water line (BWL) was sanded down to the glass, the keel was sanded to bare metal, sealed and then primed…and then the entire hull BWL was also primed before being given two coats of black Awlgrip anti fouling bottom paint.  The bronze propeller shaft and support were polished and also painted before sacrificial zinc was replaced on both of them.  The bronze propeller was polished.  The deck, rail, cove, and boot stripes were all hand sanded down to the gelcoat…then primed and given two coats of Awlgrip paint in black (deck), burgundy (deck), black (rail), burgundy (cove), and burgundy (boot) respectively.  Two deep scratches on the port side were sanded, filled and gelcoated, as were dings on the port side of the transom and the starboard aft corner of the rail.  Two bronze through hull fitting were replaced and connected to a header (to facilitate the air conditioning).  The old name was removed and the new name applied.  After the painting was completed, the entire boat above the water line (AWL) was compounded before being waxed.  The mast was reset and tuned.

Below are before and after pictures of the basic bottom job…it’s not hard to differentiate which is which.

She’s a tall rig with a 44′ mast or so and easily reaches hull speed.  It’s hard to get a close up shot of the standing rigging but she looks brand new.  Note that there are no sails; the sails are removed prior to her being pulled from the water.  Hopefully we’ll get them on this weekend (my guy may have to go to Kurdistan in the next few days). 

After nine months, the restoration of our Hunter 31 is so very, very close to being complete.   All that is left is to install two fiddles in the galley, connect the radios, GPS, and instruments back up, reinstall the main salon table, and install the cockpit table I built…all of which could easily be done in a day.  And, then clean the already fairly clean below decks before dropping the cushions back in.

Over the Labor Day week and weekend, we are tentatively planning to sail down to Port Aransas-Corpus Cristie…catching Rockport on the way down and back.  I can’t wait.


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