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Monthly Archives: March 2011

The boat is coming right along.  This past weekend was taken up fabricating the “filler boards” that support the cushions for the large, convertible, mid ship berth…and cutting the cushion blanks for all of the new shaped below decks cushions.  We are replacing all of the cushions covers on the boat in addition to having to have an additional eight new ones done.

This coming weekend is a major one for we are to start and complete the relocation of the electrical panel.  All new breakers and circuits will be added.  As well, we will remount the main battery switches.  When this is done, we are all but through, though we will still have several more weeks of work to be absolutely complete with the restoration.  The A/C needs to be installed, the refrigeration beefed up, and the propane oven and stove needs to be mounted.  All things considered, what will be left after next weekend will be minor compared to what has been done.

The boat will be sail-able by the weekend…in time for house guests we have coming in a couple of weeks.

Below is some photos of the main salon.

Top Left –  looking forward – shows the foam seat cores that we cut out this weekend.  My guy is lining up the cushion people this morning as time permits at his work.  The settee table has been mounted.  The table came out nice I thought.  Both the table and the pedestal were made from solid, old growth Honduras mahogany.  The table was designed to be in the raised position for dining but can be dropped to seat height should the mid ship berth be required.

Top Center – looking aft – essentially the same shot as above but looking aft.

Top Right – shows all of the cushions in place for the large convertible berth.  The three cushions in the booth rest on the seat; the oval center piece and the large piece have “filler” boards that support each cushion.  The oval cushion in the center rests on a filler piece that is that exact size.  The oval section closes off the area where the table is when the table is lowered; .  The large piece of foam on the right side of the photo fills in the area from the table to the port side seats.  Though the large cushion on the right will in fact be the size of the foam shown, it is sagging due to the fact that the filler board for that piece of foam was removed in this picture.  The filler board for that large cushion was found to be too bulky for the boat and was redesigned into two separate pieces.  There will be three filler boards…all will store under the aft berth cushions when not in use.

Bottom – the large mid ship convertible berth has two profiles.  One is as shown in the  top right picture above, the entire area beam-to-beam converted into a bed.  However, the second profile is as you see in this shot.  The center seat cushion foam blank was removed for clarity.  The berth in this profile is big enough for the two of us to sleep if necessary…but is more than big enough for just one to sleep if we are cruising with one on watch and one sleeping.