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Monthly Archives: January 2011

The boat is finished…kinda.  OK…it’s not finished.  But, let’s say finished enough to where the end is at least in sight…finally.  It’s been a long four or five months.

All of the interior wood that was removed has been finished.  Virtually all of the interior that had to be fabricated has been built and also finished.  Last weekend we cleaned everything in the boat out and I started sanding the interior woodwork.  Much of the sanding had to be done by hand and flat wore me out.  Yesterday, I finished the sanding, and vacuumed up most of the dust.  Today, as soon as it warms up a bit, I will complete all of the interior sanding, give the entire boat another vacuum, and then wipe down everything first with 409 and then, on the wood, mineral spirits.  If everything goes well, the first two (of five) coats of polyurethane will go on tomorrow.  It’s sunny this morning and should be perfect for finishing for the next few days.

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